Celestial Body Care "Detox Box"

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Celestial Body Care "Detox Box"

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Do You Have A Celestial Body? There is nothing like stepping out of the bath or shower and slathering your skin with plant-based, organic oils and butters.

The entire Celestial Body Care Collection Kit will moisturize and heal you from your face to your toes. Experience what it’s like to have a Celestial Body.

Celestial Body Bath and Body Oils, are a decadent all-over body quench, for all skin types.

They are made with high quality, organic oils. They come in a frosted glass bottle with a treatment pump top, for easy application.

Luna Sonnolenta is blended with French Lavender and Roman Chamomile, for a relaxing blend.

Luna Calma is our blend of organic MCT coconut oil, apricot oil and Blue Tansy essential oil for a soothing, calming-to-the-skin blend.

Luna Gialla, is also available, but not pictured. It is our calendula-infused organic sunflower oil base, blended with kukai nut oil and a flowery island-style essential oils blend of ylang ylang and rose geranium. Simply amazing for sun-drenched skin. Perfect after-sun skin love.

Our Celestial Body Natural Deodorant Bar has an organic, coconut oil base, blended with healing white kaolin clays, arrowroot and beautiful, high-quality essential oils.

We fittingly call our lip bomb, LIP BOMB, because, well, it’s the bomb.-a great slippery, but-not-too-slippery, pepperminty, type of delicious and perfect viscosity in a tube. You’ll love it. We have tons. Maybe we’ll pop a couple in, for a friend. Pass them around…

Experience the entire collection for only $75.00,

plus a few samples, to toss in your bag, on-the-go!

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