The "WISE" of switching to natural deodorant..

We've been doing it for years...slathering commercial deodorant products across our underarms, so we don't sweat or stink. It's what our mothers did. It's what our friends did. It's what we did. No one questioned it. 

Then one day we learn that all the harmful ingredients are actually causing silent issues in our body and we want to stop using it...but can we? 

This was my struggle and as I am moving through this journey of health, I find that I am not the only one who is having the issue. 

So here's the why..

Aluminum and all the other lovely ingredients (propylene glycol. phlatates, parabens, etc, etc, etc)  put in conventional deodorant, are designed to make us STOP sweating and stop stinking. With that, they are also introducing endocrine disruptors, chemicals that cause cancer and things our bodies have no idea what to do with.  We foster Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and a myriad of other health issues (for more on that, check out this article, by Dr. Mercola)

 Our bodies are designed to sweat. Our skin and underarms are an entry AND a exit. Just as we shouldn't be clogging our skin with mineral oil or petroleum products because our skin can't breathe, the same goes for our delicate underarm area.

So what happens when we give up the white stuff? Our underarms say "ahhhhhh" and they start to release. Yep, they release all that build up of toxins that we've been suppressing for years. Our lymph nodes can function, our thyroid takes a deep breath, our livers don't have so much to process and the list of functions go on. But up closer to our noses, something else is going on...WE STINK!  

This is our body's detox process. All that is being released and it isn't a good situation for us and the people who have to smell us. How do we fix it?

Switching over is not an easy task for all. Finding a deodorant that is going to allow that area to breathe, while also protecting against the odor is key. You don't have to use CB products (although it DOES work and it is good), but you do have to find one that does work for you. Yup, don't want to get so grave, but your life and health basically depends on it! It's IMPORTANT.

However, after a few weeks, and as your body gets adjusted, you may feel confident, loving your new product, etc...and then the smell comes back. This is NATURAL!!! And HEALTHY!  it just means that we are still detoxing. Sometimes taking a look at the foods you eat (onions, shallots, garlic, etc) could be causing some smell, but maybe it's just going through its cycle. 

DON'T GO BACK TO CONVENTIONAL DEODORANT! Our deodorant contains Kaolin Clay-smooths skin and absorbs, Arrowroot, absorbs the odors, coconut oil is the base that provides a natural anti-bacterial, VERY small amount of baking soda for pH balance (2%) and a beautiful blend of essential oils. IT WORKS, we promise. 

We also offer a "Pit Stop" an underarm detox kit. This was created, for the possible recurrence of the body odor. Its a natural cycle and we can help with it. Read how it works on the products page. 

We have been through the process, know the struggle, first hand and have created a solution. As always, we are here with any questions or guidance in detoxing those pits!  Winter/Fall is the best time to make the switch. We are here with you, every step of the way!

We offer in-home, fun, wellness parties, for workshops on all of our products- Pit Detoxes, Skin Food masks, Sugar scrubs, and muchmore! 

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Be wise.

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