A few years ago, I learned of the possible health complications and reality of applying chemicals and aluminum, (that are in most major brand deodorants), to my underarms-the most absorbent and sensitive areas of my body. Our underarms are an exit and an entry and I was not giving it good stuff to work with or to help me with what I was using it for.

Dis-ease, like breast cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, could be traced back to exposure to these metals and heavy chemicals that we have been literally, slathering ALL OVER our underarms, since we were teenagers! Imagine that area and it’s close proximity to our breast tissue, lymph nodes and lymph system! I was startled.

My underarms were an issue that I silently struggled with. Nothing was working. I wanted a product that was healthy for my poor underarms and didn’t make me break out or stink. I also wanted to be sure I wasn’t adding unnecessary toxins and heavy metals to my skin. We need to sweat. I had blocked my underarms from sweating for so long, no wonder I had eruptions and sore armpits! I needed help and wanted to be confident in my underarms and overall health.

I was also determined to find, (or make at this point), a product, just using natural and plant-based ingredients, and it needed to work.

After spending a fortune on all of the top “aluminum-free and all-natural” brands, and not finding one of them that worked-they either left my skin in eruptions and irritation or not-too-fresh, so I finally decided to attempt to make my own.

Determined, I was, so I got to the stove and started blending things that made sense-coconut oil, clays, beeswax. shea butter and arrowroot. I then added some great essential oils that I loved and worked for these formulas.

After MUCH deliberation, and MANY attempts later, I finally found a formula that worked! I was making so much of it for friends and family, that I eventually had to label it and get containers for them.

Just days later, my underarms were in fact, looking better and I was feeling better about the whole thing. Inevitably, I knew I was taking better care of myself, by way of my skin care products. Which then led to thinking with my ENTIRE body and contemplating the other products I was using- the basics that I use everyday, the must-haves, the essentials…and made a better version of them. That was how the Luna Bath & Body Oils, the Body Butter, Lip Bombs and Face Serums came to be.

My products have purpose-that purpose is not only to to be the building blocks for you to discover the small ways you can start to take care of your health, but also by giving your skin, our largest organ, the organic, planted-based ingredients that nature already created for us.

I have simply co-created with nature, to bring this product to life-a Celestial Body was born.

My hope is that these products assist you in “lightening the toxic load” in your body products, and empower you to make other wise choices not only about what goes IN your body, but also what goes ON your body.

Celestial Body Care Products are non-toxic, free of chemicals, fragrance and harmful ingredients.

Celestial Body Care products are plant-based and co-created with nature to leave your skin healthy, glowing and deeply nourished. 

Our products are handmade with no parabens, synthetic ingredients, artificial perfumes or animal products.

We use unrefined, cold-pressed, organic and raw ingredients whenever possible. 

No animal testing on any of our ingredients or products.

We are mostly vegan, with the exception of the LIP BOMB-it contains beeswax.

Ingredients are hand selected and experimented with before final product is created and produced.

We have a commitment to bringing skin care products that we can FEEL GOOD about putting all over ourselves and our

children and families.


Celeste Corsaro