Celestial Body Care

L O C A L . O R G A N I C . S K I N  C A R E




Celestial Body Care Products are made in Baltimore, MD in small batches.

We have taken cosmetic bag essentials and created them to be non-toxic, free of chemicals, fragrance and harmful ingredients.

Celestial Body Care products are plant-based and
co-created with nature to leave your skin healthy, glowing and deeply nourished.

Body products and health go hand-in-hand on our individual journeys to wellness. You can start by making more mindful choices in regards to everyday health by  reading labels and becoming familiar with ingredients and their role in the body.
Most store-bought, brand-named products contain harmful additives, chemicals and colors which have been proven to cause health problems.
These products are handmade with no parabens, synthetic ingredients, artificial perfumes or animal products.
No animal testing on any of our ingredients or products.
We are mostly vegan, with the exception of the lip balm-it contains beeswax.

Ingredients are hand selected and experimented with before final product is created and produced.

We have a commitment to bringing skin care products that we can FEEL GOOD about putting all over ourselves and our children and families.

In good health,


Celeste Corsaro is the founder of Celestial Body Care and an integrative health and wellness coach that helps women find their energy and health again naturally, without the use of chemicals, pills or fad diets.

Real whole foods, an active lifestyle and making empowered choices

without the cravings is key.



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